The WinGas control unit can be fitted with one to four independent analog transmitters to provide a customized detection system. Upgradable with a digital display panel, common relays and a remote relay module. Compliant with European norms, this fixed system was designed to maximise accuracy, reliability and decrease the maintenance usually required.


  • Fixed control unit
  • 1-4 Analog transmitter connectable
  • Surveillance of occupational exposure limit values (OELs) and lower explosive limit (LEL)


  • Alarm and status display (analog or digital)
  • 2 Gas alarm levels per channel
  • 4 On-board relays (Alarm1, Alarm2, Fault and one freely programmable)
  • Internal horn
  • Certifications: DIN EN 50054 and DIN 50057
  • Approval: ATEX II (3) G