Technical Data

This new stationary warning device for gas continuously monitors any refrigeration unit or air conditioner. It recognises, localises and immediately warns of the slightest leak. Each MECCOS TrGL unit is dedicated to a specific coolant and operates directly in the danger area. Leaking gas is diffused through a gas-permeable membrane in the sensor system.


  • Stationary stand-alone warning device
  • Measurable gases: CO2, R134a, R404a, R407, NH3, O2 (Other coolants on request.)
  • Surveillance of occupational exposure limit values (OELs)
  • Leak monitoring meets the standard DIN EN 378:2006


  • Ship licensing and certification through Lloyd's in Germany (GL) for Environment Category A
  • 10-year failure-free continuous operation with 12-monthly calibration intervals keep running costs to a minimum
  • 4 frontal LEDs indicate current activity: Ready, Warning, Alert and Fail
  • A register displaying measurement data with an external 4...20 mA Analogue-Interface is an option