MECCOS Gas Analyser

Technical specifications

The MECCOS Gas Analyser operates with high-grade infrared sensors for monitoring CH4 and CO2. A highly durable electrochemical sensor is used for O2 and H2S. For sensor life expectancy the Gas Analyser unit can enhanced with a multi-level gas sample treatment.


  • Stationary multi-gas instrument
  • Measuring substances:
    CH4 (0...100Vol%), CO2 (0...60Vol%),
    O2 (0...30Vol%), H2S (0...2000ppm)
  • Biogas supervision and surveillance of occupational exposure limit values (OELs)


  • Paramagnetic sensor for O2 optional
  • High-grade infrared sensors
  • High long-term reliability
  • Robust industrial model

Special accessories

  • Multi-level gas sample treatment
  • Outdoor installation
  • Remote supervision/Internet monitoring