LeakSeeka LS1

Gas leak detector with alarm

The combustible and toxic gas leak detector is a small lightweight, handheld unit for use in any service situation. The Leak Seeka LS1 is highly sensitive and is fitted with a unique adjustable detector rate, plus an alarm, which can be calibrated to suit any application. The LS1 is battery powered and is the ideal instrument for the applications including HVAC, industry and government checks for hazardous conditions.


    • Handheld Gas Leek Finder
    • Detects: VOCs, Cooling Liquid, Hydrocarbons, Dissolvent, Methane, Tetrachloroethanes, Trichlorethanes, Dichloromethane
    • Working condition (AGW) and Lower Explosive Limit Observations


    • Ideal to find even the smallest of leeks
    • Flexible Swan Neck for hard-to-reach areas
    • Results are received in less than a second
    • Changable Responsiveness und Alarm settings
    • Lighted Sensor and Hearing Aid allows easy Leek Identification
    • Optical and Akustic responses
    • Includes a protection bag


    • Heating, Cooling, and Air Technology
    • Safety Officials
    • Industries