identiFINDER R200 Personal Radiation Detector

identiFINDER R200
Fido X2 Ultra-Lightweight Explosives Trace Detector

FLIR's SiPM technology in combination with Cesium Iodide detector provides high-fidelity identification, so front-line officers can quickly determine whether a radiation source is a true threat or benign source from medical patients, normally occurring radiation, or industrial use. The identiFINDER R200 performs automatic calibration and stabilization and doesn’t require any user maintenance.


  • Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD)
  • Detects gamma radiation emitted from natural occurrences in the environment, special nuclear material, industrial, or medical material
  • SiPM technology with CsI provides < 7.5% resolution
  • Five year factory maintenance interval


  • OneTouch Reachback Features
  • Fully-compliant with ANSI N42.32 and ANSI N42.48 portable radiation detection standard
  • Including nuclide identification
  • Single-hand operation with three-button control
  • Pager-sized and wearable (less than 0.9 lbs)
  • Swappable Li-ion battery


  • First responder, Fire service
  • Police, Customs officer 
  • Security checks (airport, railway station)
  • Civil protection, Army
  • Security companies