dentiFINDER R100

identiFINDER R100
Fido X2 Sprengstoffdetektor von FLIR

The FLIR identiFINDER R100 is a personal radiation detector (PRD) in a belt-worn, rugged form factor. It delivers immediate threat alarms to front-line responders and automatically generates a dose-rate report providing continuous, situational awareness to central command. Every R100 features integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology that connects directly to a smart device, enabling networking.


  • Personal Radiation Detector (PRD)
  • Gamma detection
  • Energy Compensated Geiger-Müller Tube
  • Integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology
  • IP67-rated to protect against dust and immersion in water up to 1 m depth
  • Weight approx. 0,25 kg


  • Fully-compliant with ANSI N42.33 portable radiation detection standard
  • Including nuclide identification
  • Single-hand operation with three-button control
  • Pager-sized and wearable (less than 0.55 lb)


  • Check point surveillance 
  • First Responder and Fire Service
  • Police, Customs officer 
  • Civil protection
  • Army