GasBadge Plus

The unit’s compact size and light weight allow it to be worn with a variety of clip attachments, and the top-mounted sensor provides continuous protection. The rugged enclosure is extremely durable, water-resistant and radio frequency interference. The instrument’s two-button operation allows for easy navigation and setup, which can be password-protected for added security. Continuous event-logging is a standard feature for the GasBadge Plus.


  • Personal Single Gas Monitor
  • Small size and light weight (only 72 grams)
  • Available sensors: CO, H2S, O2, NO2, SO2
  • Low-cost monitoring
  • PPM or % by volume readout
  • Standard STEL and TWA readings


  • 2-year continuous monitoring
  • Ultra-bright visual LEDs alarm, loud (95 dB) audible alarm and vibration alarm
  • “Go/No Go” display mode
  • Dust-tight, water resistant IP66/67 certified
  • User adjustable alarm/calibration gas setpoints
  • Event-logging (past 15 alarm events recorded)
  • Docking Station compatible
  • Two year warranty