Eagle 320

For easy viewing whatever the situation

The new and improved EAGLE 320 is a must have for fire departments and rescue teams. At the heart of the improvements lays a 4x magnification visual enhancer and three new modes that will change the way you look at heat. Its 600° dynamic range generatets highly detailed images that enable quick and easy scene interpretation and eliminates ghosted images.


  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Incorporating the latest technology
  • Ergonomic multi positioned handle. Three position adjustability, ideal for use in virtually any condition as standing, walking or crawling.
  • Large LCD display with 4x Zoom
  • Screen with 320x240 focal plane array
  • Extremely durable


  • Amorphous silicone camera core
  • Maximum Temperature Indicator
  • TAC Mode (Temperature Awareness Colourisation)
  • Overhaul Mode identifies background temperatures above the median
  • Identifying the hot-spot localisation
  • Two-Channel Transmitter that permits wireless transmission of images (on demand)
  • Handle easy-to-operate with glove hands
  • Kevlar neck/shoulder strap
  • AC and DC adapter
  • Durable carrying case