DS2 Docking Station

Automates calibration for MX6, MX4, GasBadge
DS2™ Docking Station

The new generation of DS2 Docking Station provides the ultimate flexibility for managing your gas monitors wherever you use them. The DS2 gives you all of the benefits of consistent automated calibration, record keeping, battery recharging, and instrument diagnostics for your monitors to limit your liabilities and safety hazards.


  • Automates calibration, record-keeping, diagnostics and battery recharging
  • iGas capability to automatically identify calibration gas cylinder concentrations


  • DS2 can be easily grouped into 'clusters' of up to 5 units
  • Multiple cluster installations at multiple sites all tied together on a common company Ethernet
  • Sharing one centralized database


  • DS2 provides superior cost-savings and flexibility
  • Internal or worldwide network configuration