When you dont know what the danger is

Detector Tube List

When the type of gas danger is unknown, then Polytec Detector Tubes are put into the game. Polytec I to IV show various substances or substance groups in one tube. From the different coloring, one can then use further measurement strategies in order to determine the substance. For example, one could use gas warning devices or more specific detector tubes to narrow the possibilities.


  • Versatile Detector Tubes
  • Quality Measurements of unknown Gases with one Detector Tube
  • Work place safety control (AGW), Process Control, Environmental Measurements

Various Polytec Tubes

  • Polytec I - Unknown Gases
  • Polytec II - NH3, SO2, H2S, CO, NO2, R.SH
  • Polytec III - NH3, H2S, CnHm
  • Polytec IV - NH3, HCl, H2S, NO2, Cl2, CO, CO2
  • Polytec V - HCl, COCL2, SO2, NO2, H2S, HCN, CO, CO2


  • Specialized Detection Sets; for example TG1
  • Vacuum-pump GV100S and GV110S with counter
  • Extender Tube 5 and 10 meters
  • Adapter for single hand usage
  • Detection diagrams
  • CD with detailed information

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