There are 17 interchangeable “smart” sensor options available, making the system easily adaptable to a variety of applications and industries. When BM25 detects a hazardous level of oxygen, toxic or combustible gas, the beacon sends a flashing, bright signal in all directions while emitting a siren alarm. Designed for team protection, the unit is most suitable for areas where fixed detection systems are not suitable.

• Portable Multi-Gas Monitor
• Measuring ranges: Combustible gases, CH4, O2, CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, ClO2, HCl, HCN, CO2, NH3, H2, ETO, AsH3, PH3, SiH4, COCl2, O3, HF, F2, H2S, CO2
• Standard are STEL and TWA readings and
  nearly four months of datalogging capacity

• Interchangeable “smart” sensors
• ATEX certified
• Intrinsically safe charging in hazardous location
• Standard datalogging
• Wired interconnection with other BM25 units
• Impact resistant polycarbonate case material
• Runtime greater than 100 hours
• Powerful audible alarm 103 dB @ 1 meter
• Ultra-bright LED beacon visible 360 degrees