Rechargers and Batteries

Rechargers and Batteries

In order to continuosly use your measuring device and to minimize unnecessary down time, we offer the required replacements:

Battery Recharger

  • Compact Recharger
  • KFZ - Recharger
  • Recharger with Databanks or Datalink
  • Multi Rechargers

With the help of a recharger, the batteries from your Gas Warning Device are in a couple hours fully charged. If your recharger includes a Datalink system you can upload and retrieve data to your measuring device through the recharger.

Rechargeable Batteries

  • Li-Ion or Alkaline Replacement Batteries

Our replacement batteries for your handheld Gas Warning Device ensure that your device can continue to function properly.

Many devices can function on regular batteries. Please be aware of an eventual change to this in the users manual.